Video background change is the most important for youtube because it will helping in your video to see is more attractive. Now video editing is so Easy with many more Application. I edit my video through Kinemaster application because it is very powerful application rather than more application.

Now I am telling you how video background change only on 5 minutes in this video.

At first install the kinemaster application and open the application click on the + icon and select the 16:9 ratio.

After select the ratio and click the media and choose background which you want to change of your video background and after all you choose your layer ( right side control of your kinemaster application ) go to media and choose your video.

 And after select file you must crop your video ( click on video layer and open your dashboard of right side of kinemaster application and scroll down and select the crop option ).

After select the crop option you will crop your video like side and top also.

After crop the video and select again the video layer go to option and find out the Croma key. click on the Croma key and enable the Croma key. At first you must remember the first line arrow still have to 30 - 40 and the second 60 - 70.

Second you must check your video background change is well position or not through show Mask option and you check your curb option also.

Curb option is avail to adjustment of brightness contrast RGB and many more. It will helping you to video background change is to be perfectly.

Third option is background you will choose the background which is the suitable for your original background of your video.

After all you have to changed of your video background in kinemaster application.

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