How to Manage YouTube Settings on YouTube Studio || YouTube ke settings ko manage Karna shikhe

YouTube channel Manage: Youtube channel Setting setup and mange is the most important for new or ex youtuber so I have given below all information of manage YouTube channel.

YouTube channel settings setup is very important for your channel or video rank up by viwer and any YouTuber have to done this process. And approve of your Google Adsense.

today I'm going to show you how to manage the Brand Accounts for your YouTube channels and Google+ Pages including changing the settings and adding and removing managers. Instead of creating a separate Google account for each identity,business, hobby, or show, you can create Brand Accounts for those identities thatare owned by your personal Google account. Each of these Brand Accounts canalso have additional managers. If you have a Google+ page or YouTube channel thatuses a name other than your personal name you probably already have at leastone Brand Account. To manage your Brand Accounts sign into Google and go to your"My Account" settings. Under Personal info & privacy" click "Manage your Googleactivity". On the "Personal info & privacy" page scroll down to your GoogleDashboard and click "Go to Google Dashboard". On your Google Dashboard scroll down tothe Brand Accounts section and click it to open, then click "Go to Brand Accounts" to openyour Google Account's Brand Account dashboard. On your Brand Accounts dashboard you'llsee pending invitations to manage other Brand Accounts, and links to emailpreferences and deleted accounts. Scroll down to your Brand Accounts andclick the name of the Brand Account that you want to manage. On the Brand Account Details page click"View general account info" to open the "My Account" Google account settings for theBrand Account. That lets you change the general accountsettings, manage the account security ,and see the activity on the account. To edit the publicly visible informationabout the Google+ page or YouTube channel linked to the Brand Accountclick "Edit account info" to open the "About Me" page for the Brand Account. Onthe "About Me" page you can change the Brand Account name and icon, whichappears on Google+ and YouTube. You can also add a cover image and additionalinformation that will appear when people click the "About" link on the Google+Page's profile. To add a manager to the Brand Accountwho can manage the associated Google+ Page or YouTube channel, click "ManagePermissions". On the Manage Permissions page click the "Add people' icon at top rightand then enter the invitee's Google Account email. You can then choose a rolefor the person you're adding. They can be a Manager to upload and delete contentand change the settings or they can be a Communications Manager who can postcontent and make comments on Google+ only, or you could add them as an Owner,although that's not recommended unless you absolutely trust the person. Toremove a Manager make sure you're signed in as the Brand Account Owner then clickthe X next to the manager's name to remove them. Finally on the Brand Accountdetails page you'll see "Act as the [Brand Account name] on Google Photos and Google+ (if there's a Google+ Page) and YouTube (if there's a YouTube channel)associated with the Brand Account. Click the icon to go to Photos, Google+ orYouTube to act as the Brand Account. You can also access at least some of thesesettings directly from Google+ or YouTube. On Google+ sign in and switch tothe Google+ Page then click "Profile" on the left menu too open the Page'sprofile. Click "About" on the Google+ Page's profile header. That will open the"About Me" settings. On YouTube switch to your channel identity by clicking thechannel icon at top right and selecting "Switch Account. Once you have switched tothe channel identity select "Settings" from the menu. On the YouTube channel'sSettings Overview click "View or change your account settings" to open the "MyAccount" Google account settings for the YouTube channel's Brand account. Click "Addor remove managers" to go to the Brand Account Details page for the YouTubechannel's Brand Account. One final tip: add a bookmark That way you can access your BrandAccounts with a single click. If you found this video helpful be sure tosubscribe for more creator tips and tutorials.