How to create YouTube channel || Mobile pe YouTube channel kaise banaya


YouTube:  Whether you are starting a channel from scratchor you have a channel but you want to set it up for more views, subscribers and engagement,that's what we're going to go through today step by step. We're going to dive into my computer in just a second so I can show you the screencast. But before we do, I have created an entirechecklist called the Boss YouTube Channel Checklist. It has 14 steps that you need to know. It's all the steps you need to set up yourchannel for success. So grab that at the link below this videoand let's do this. Okay, so we're going to start right from thebeginning. So this is my current channel. But what you want to do, if you're startinga brand new channel, is go to YouTube and go to the top right corner where it says signin. Once you go to sign in, it's going to takeyou to a new page where you can either sign in with a current email address that you haveset up that maybe doesn't have a YouTube channel associated with it, or you can start an entirelynew account. If you want to start a new account, you wouldgo to create new account and then you would click here, or you go to sign in with anotheraccount and click create account. But what we're going to do is I actually havethis email account that doesn't have a YouTube channel associated with it. So we're going to start here. This takes us over to the channel and let'sjust say we're going to create it as Demo, Lenarduzzi, and we're going to go create channel. The easiest first thing to do is just go intothe settings right here, and this is where you can set up some of your user settings. So most people are going to be switching toYouTube Studio beta because it's just the newest version of Creator Studio. So I'm going to keep it in there because that'sprobably what you're going to use when you set up your channel. You go to channel, and you want to add somekeywords that are relevant to your industry. This isn't the most important thing, but itwill help your channel get found in the right category. So let's just say I'm creating a travel channel. So it's going to be travel tips, travel influencer,travel blogs. So if someone looks up those keywords, theypotentially will land on my channel and my channel will be categorized in that way. I'm going to select the country that I'm in,which is india. And upload defaults are kind of interestingbecause you can put text in here that would be on every single video. So if you wanted, for example, to put in followme at let's say demoteamsunny, which is not a real handle, let's say that's your Instagramhandle. You could save this and it would be on everysingle video. Also, your visibility for every single videowill be saved here. I personally don't use these, but you canif you want to save some time when you're uploading videos and have the same thing ineach one. So that's what you really need to know there. You want to have this ticked off. You want it to show how many subscribers youhave in your channel. Oftentimes people hide this, but you wantit to show because if it's hidden, it actually deters people from subscribing. If they can see, even if you have one or twosubscribers, they're more likely to subscribe. So make sure this is ticked off. This is under advanced, under channel. And then branding, what you can do is actuallyadd a watermark to every single video so that it encourages people to subscribe. So to do this, I've created an entire othertutorial on exactly how to do this. So you can click on that. It'll be in the description below. I'm going to give you a ton of resources forsetting your channel up for success. So you can click on that video after you watchthis one. So let's just simply go through here. So these are, like I said, all of the extrasthat you can add. You can add tags. These are for individual uploads. I don't use these. If you want to use them for each video, youtotally can. They're there for you. Automated filters are things that you canuse if you want to have certain people who have access or approval on your channel. For me, I don't have these on my channel. You can also add blocked words. So let's say for example, someone uses a derogatoryword on your videos, you don't want to see it again, you can add those words in here,which can be pretty helpful, and not something that I've had to use, thank goodness, butyou may need to use them. If I go over here to my actual channel, let'sdo that again. So we're going to go into Creator Studio andthen we're going to go into channel. And when I go into the channel, this is whereyou can start customizing it even further. So it's telling you a few things that youcan do. So you can subscribe to other channels, youcan upload content, but let's start customizing your actual channel. That part is basically just admin. It's pretty straight forward to get that stuffset up. The important thing to actually getting viewsand subscribers on your channel is telling people what you do and why they should subscribe. So you want to make sure that immediatelywhen someone lands on your channel, they have six seconds, it's been tested, you have sixseconds to make an impression and get them to hit that subscribe button. So let's set up your channel art and get thisrolling. And this is where you can do things like channelart and change the way that it looks. So this is in Creator Studio Classic, whichmight be a little bit confusing. If you go to YouTube Studio beta, it's goingto look like completely different. And this is going to change over time, butjust so you know, there are two different ways that you can kind of get to the settingsthat you want to get to. So you also can go here and go to your channel. So this is really important because peopleneed to know who you are and what you do right off the bat. So this is the next step. So the first thing that I'm going to do isI'm going to go here, and I'm going to edit the channel icon. The channel icon actually comes from yourGoogle account, so it takes a few seconds for it to change. But let's just edit that. I'm going to add an image of me, so peopleknow what I actually look like. So I'm going to upload that video or thatphoto from my desktop. So open that photo. Perfect. And then you can just frame it however youwant to, make it a little bit smaller, a little bit bigger. Most important thing is that when you're doingyour channel avatar, people can actually see your face because they want to see who they'regoing to be talking to and who the channel is going to be hosted by. Really, really important that they can seeyour eyes and see your face, front and center. And it's not a small image of you becausethat makes it really hard to see because the avatar is so small. So we're going to go done, and then we'regoing to go back to the channel. So let's go back to the channel. So that's now changed. It might take a few seconds, like I said,so we'll refresh and see if it's updated. It is updated, which is great. Then we're going to add your channel art,and this is really exciting. So what I do for channel art and what I startedwith a long time ago was Canva. I think Canva is such a great tool and whatthey have is they have actual templates. So if you go into Canva, this is a free account,you don't need to pay for it. You just search YouTube channel art. So you would sign up at You can see the website right here. And you would search YouTube channel art. Once you create your account, you can startwith a blank slate. Or what I did is I actually found a templatethat I liked and I just kind of customized it to be my own thing. So some of the things that I did was I wantedto make the background look different and be a different color. So I made it marble and then I just changedthe color to yellow, and then it becomes this yellow marble in the background. I also changed the text. So this is the template that they have inhere, and I'm just going to show you if I search channel art, you can see the templateright here. So I just clicked on that, and it'll tellyou if it's free or not. And then I just changed the text, I changedthe tagline, and I added a line that told people when new videos are coming out. So these are really, really important. The most important thing on your channel bannerand your channel art is that you're telling people why they should subscribe. So I'm telling people right away, if you subscribeto this channel, you're going to get YouTube and marketing tutorials. That gives you the right audience on yourchannel. So maybe you have a travel channel, let'ssay. So you want to say travel tips and tricksplus travel vlogs every single week. New videos on Tuesdays and Fridays, whateverit may be. So it's really easy. All I did was I deleted this photo and addeda photo of myself. I just uploaded it into Canva. And if you want a full tutorial on how tocreate channel art, I do have that as well and I'll put that in the description below. I changed out these with stock images I foundinside. And if you want a film under photos, samething. This is where you can find some free imagesthat you can just plug in and are more reflective of your brand. So that's downloaded to my desktop. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to addthe channel art in here. So I'm just going to take this photo, andyou can see it's perfectly proportioned. So it takes the guesswork out of it. You don't have to try and figure out how tosize your content for the channel art because it can be a little bit tricky. And you can see it on desktop, TV and mobile,so how it's going to look across the board. And it works across the board. So you can adjust the crop if you need to. But because Canva already has these templatesset up, you don't need to adjust the crop. So we're going to go select, and it's setto go. And look how good it looks, which is awesome. So this is how the new channel looks and it'stelling people exactly what they're going to get right away. And if you click this link up here, you canedit your channel links. So this is where you want to put things likeyour website. And the reason that I have an arrow on mychannel art, which I did inside of Canva, you can actually see it right here, is becauseI want that arrow to point towards where people can sign up for maybe a free checklist orfreebie or I want it to point them to my website or social handles, depending on where you'resending people. So you can add your channel description here. Channel description's super easy. For me, I just took the about section of mywebsite and I put it into my channel description on YouTube. You can have it say whatever it is that youwant. So let's just say it is a travel channel. I know the banner doesn't say that, but let'sjust say it is. So, this channel will provide you with thebest travel trips and travel vlogs. And you can make it longer. You want to beef this part up, and you canlook at my channel description to see what it looks like. But it's really just giving people a senseagain of why they should subscribe. So that's what you really want to remember. When you're setting up a channel, you wantto always think about how the viewer will feel and why they should subscribe. That's what you want to get across. Then you want to add your email address inhere and you can add in custom links. So let's say I want to add in my website. So let's make it, andthen it would be And then you can add your Instagram handle. So Instagram. And you can add as many as you like, up tofive. So let's just say done and let's see how thatlooks. And because it's Instagram it automaticallypopulates like that. So the great thing about this link right hereis say you have something like a freebie or an opt in. What you can do is you can actually changethat link. So you can edit the links on your channelto say that. So it could be get your checklist here, andthat can send people to the Boss YouTube Channel Checklist, which is something that tells peoplehow to set up their YouTube channels for success. And again, before you upload any videos, youwant to get really familiar with this platform. So the next thing that you want to do is lookin analytics because analytics are really good for figuring out what content's workingon your channel, what content's not working on your channel. So you just want to know where this is beforeyou even get started. So this is where your analytics will live. You'll click on here. It won't have any insights, but this is whereyou'll see your views, your watch time, your subscribers, your top videos, real time activity. It's going to tell you how many viewers you'rereaching, what kind of interest they're interested in, and how you can build your audience. This will also give you the updated timelineof how many subscribers you're gaining per day in this graph down here. Also to organize all of your comments, whichis really great on YouTube, you want to go in this tab because then you'll see all ofyour comments in one place. So it's really important to get familiar withthe platform, like I said, so that you know exactly where you need to go. So this is all in YouTube Studio beta, whichmakes it really easy to access all of the features and facets of YouTube to start onthe right foot. So the next thing that you're going to dois you would go to your channel and you would want to upload a channel trailer. So you can see here it says organize yourchannel. We don't have any videos yet. So what you would want to do is you're goingto want to upload a channel trailer first and foremost. A channel trailer basically is your introductionvideo and tells people what they need to know from you and why they should subscribe toyour channel. So I've also made a video on how to createan epic, amazing channel trailer, so I'll link that up to that below as well. But basically you've got everything you need. Your channel is now set up for success andyou're good to go. So that's really all you need to know. Your videos will be uploaded. In the Boss YouTube Channel Checklist it tellsyou how to create playlists, and that is linked below. If you're wondering about how to set up playlistsand sections, you'll start doing that once you start adding videos onto your channel. And like I said, inside of this checklist,the Boss YouTube Channel Checklist, which you can grab below at the link below, it willtell you exactly how to do that and provide you with a tutorial. But right now we're going to focus on thebones of your channel and getting it set up to look the right way to actually attractsubscribers. And you'll have your channels which will tellyou which channels you're subscribed to. The discussion is basically like a communitytab where you can start discussions with your audience. The about section is what your channel isall about, so you want to fill in those details as I showed you earlier in Creator Studio. And that's basically everything. And then the feature channels is a cool thingbecause you can add in recommended channels for people to watch. You want to create an amazing YouTube channeltrailer. I actually made a whole video tutorial onhow to do this, so I'll link to that below as well. You just go click and take a look and there'sa bunch of other resources on setting up your YouTube channel for success. But basically it is everything you need toknow below this video with a bunch of other videos and tutorials that I've done on mychannel. And also I've put all of this into this checklist,the Boss YouTube Channel Checklist, plus bonus steps. It is actually everything you need to setup your channel for success today. So make sure that you grab it at the linkbelow. If this video has been helpful for you, youknow the drill. If you're new here, maybe you don't, but Iwant you to take a screenshot and share it out on Instagram. Tag me @sunnylenarduzzi and tell me what yourbiggest takeaway was from this. And also share your channel with me so I cantake a look once you've got it all set up. You can also post your channel name and whatyou talk about in the comments below so we can all support one another as we grow ourchannels from scratch, or as you reinvigorate your channel from today moving forward. Thanks so much for watching. I can't forget to thank our comment of theweek, so appreciate your comments. I read them every week and I am just so gratefulbecause I know there's a lot of other things you could be doing, a lot of other channelsyou could be watching, so thank you for being here and choosing to be here. I hope this video was valuable for you. I hope it gets you set up for success in startingyour YouTube journey. I know it will if you follow the steps, solet me know how it goes. Keep me posted and I will talk to you soon. Thanks guys.